12 side hustles that you should try

If you’re looking for a few extra £££s to add to your pocket, having a side hustle could be the option for you. Now more than ever, you are able to take on your skill/hobby and make some money whilst doing it (thank you Internet). Setting up a side hustle is one of the ways you can start to build yourself an additional stream of income so that you’re not just relying on one. For more on the benefits of multiple income streams, read our blog here.

Here are some pointers before you start your side hustle:

  1. Don’t forget about your full-time job!

Your side hustle will undoubtedly take up some of your time, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Be sure to still focus on your full-time job and manage your time well so that you can balance your job and side hustle.

  1. You don’t need everything perfect to start

When starting out, it’s easy to get carried away and think that you need everything, but you probably don’t. Before spending all your money, ask yourself ‘Can I start without this?’, and if the answer is yes, don’t buy it just yet! As your side hustle generates more income you can begin to invest more into it, but don’t think that things need to be perfect from the get-go. Everything has to start somewhere!

  1. Enjoy it

Your side hustle may compromise some of your free time, so it’s important that you dedicate your time to something you will enjoy doing. When you enjoy what you do, it will reflect in your efforts and output and will make making some extra income feel like less of a job!

Whilst the list of options are endless, here is our list of favourite side hustles ideas you could try. Some of these ideas offer a quick fix for making some extra cash whilst others will require much more attention and investment of time. 

Side Hustles to try:


Make the most of your marketable skills such as design, photography, web development, and film editing that can help you earn a bit of money on the side. There are plenty of great freelancing platforms online that are quick to set up to begin selling your services!

Pet sitting/Dog walking

Pet parents always have to leave their pets somewhere when they’re travelling. Many people would prefer to leave their beloved animals to stay at home with a pet sitter rather than bringing them to a crowded kennel. There is also an opportunity to do some dog walking for busy owners. Try, www.borrowmydoggy.com to find some furry friends! 

Food or Parcel Delivery

In a world of the Internet and fast-food convenience, there are a number of services looking to hire drivers to deliver either groceries or takeout to customers. If you own transportation vehicles such as a bike, car, motorbike, etc, try signing up for services like Amazon or UberEats to make some spare cash at times that suit you!

Sell handmade items

If you’re crafty and enjoy making anything homemade that people are likely to want to buy (crafts, clothes, jewellery, soap, you name it), why not make some extra money by selling them? Platforms like Etsy and Depop make it easy to get started with an online store.

Sell your art!

Do you love to get creative? If you’re one of the fortunate bunch to have a skill in anything artsy, why not sell it? Whilst it can be challenging at times to sell your art, the Internet definitely makes it easier to make some money on the side for your artwork. 

Sell your old stuff

You probably (definitely) have some stuff around the house you never use and don’t need - one's trash, is another's a treasure! Go through your stuff and find things that’ll attract a buyer (it also helps you to be environmentally friendly).  

House cleaning

People are busy these days and some more than others. If you have a spare few hours during your day, why not help out those whose schedules do not allow for house cleaning? You can do this by signing up for online platforms or start just by cleaning for those you know for some extra money.


Many parents happily pay for their children to be tutored. If there’s a certain subject you’re particularly good at, try tutoring. There are many online platforms that allow you to work in the comfort of your own home, and it looks good on your resume!

Transcription & Translation

Sometimes people need to take audio recordings and write out everything that was said. Often these people are willing to pay someone to do the work for them. Bonus if you’re fluent in more than one language as you can provide translation services. 


Have you got great attention to detail and are able to catch typos and grammatical errors? Try picking up some proofreading and editing work. Start sharing your skill with your friends and family and see if your services can snowball to other writers in need of help. 

Become a fitness instructor

If you love the gym and all things fitness, why not make a living out of it? Look into ways you can become qualified whether it’s to become a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, or anything else fitness-related. This way you’re using your passion to help others and make money!

Become a virtual assistant

Start helping individuals get their daily tasks done that they may not want to do. For instance, data entry, responding to emails, content creation, research, and bookkeeping are all tasks which any busy individual would love to get help with. This allows you to work from anywhere in the world and earn some money on the side.

The benefits of side hustles are undeniable and, with the help of the internet, they have become easier and more accessible. Give one a go and earn an extra income for yourself. The opportunities are endless and there’s a side hustle out there for anyone and everyone. 


The following is for general information and is not intended as a form of financial advice by Finndon or it’s representatives, nor the information intended to be relied upon by individuals in making any financial decisions.