A message from our Founder, Aaron Archer

A message from our Founder & CEO, Aaron Archer.

It’s no secret that younger generations are often mocked by society for their poor financial position. We hear the sayings everywhere from “Generation Rent” to “Generation Debt”.  Nowadays, milestones such as getting onto the property ladder seem almost out of grasp to millennials in comparison to our parents’ generation, especially for those of us who were not born into a family of wealth of property assets.

In fact, figures suggest that over 50% of UK ‘Baby Boomers’ owned property by age 30, however, this figure has plummeted as less than 30% of millennials, who on average have less parental property wealth to rely on, own property by the age of 30. We think it’s time that the narrative changes.

Being a firm believer in financial equality for all, we believe that everyone deserves a seat at the table when it comes to financial freedom. Our younger generations shouldn’t be disadvantaged or have to sit out when it comes to achieving financial freedom. With understanding the difficulties many young people face when it comes to the never-ending cycle of renting whilst struggling to get a foot on the property ladder, it was important for myself and the Finndon team to be in the corner for our younger generations and rather than just talking about it, do something about it.

Our aim with this giveaway is to eliminate one of the biggest financial burdens many young people face, by paying for a person’s rent for the entire year of 2021 so they can take control of their finances and kick start their journey to financial freedom. Oftentimes, many young people are not in the financial position to put money aside for their future, with the expenses of rent, bills and debt. Saving can be difficult when living paycheck to paycheck and having little to no money left to get ahead for the future. 

Therefore, whether the money is spent on rent, saving for a deposit for your own home or treating yourself to take out every night, we hope to remove some financial strain that can often leave us disheartened when trying to achieve our financial goals. Ultimately, with the turmoil of 2020 and many of us facing difficulties, setbacks and uncertainty, we’re keen to be kicking off 2021 the right way.

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Good luck!

Aaron Archer