So What is Finndon All About?

At Finndon, our customers are at the heart of everything we do because, trust us, we know exactly what it’s like stepping into adulthood with little understanding of personal finance and feeling as though we have no one in our corner to guide us throughout our journey. That’s why we’re here - to guide, educate and empower you on your financial journey regardless of what stage you're in. 

In a nutshell, here’s what we’re all about:

We saved a seat for you! 

Finndon is all about equality and we believe that everyone deserves a seat at the table - regardless of any circumstances. We embrace diversity and want to foster a community everyone can be a part of. We’ll never make anyone feel as though they don’t belong and our aim is to always empower everyone we encounter. 

We don’t sit still

We don’t sit still and we don’t expect you to either because we all have goals, right? Our collective ambition at Finndon is to constantly evolve as the world around us does, and that all comes down to us constantly adapting to find better ways to improve on what we did yesterday for our customers. We’ll help you achieve your financial goals whilst you help us achieve our goal of helping you, it’s a win-win situation (if we do say so ourselves).

Simple, but significant 

We constantly hear these terms floating around everywhere: pensions, taxes, credit scores, investing etc… with everyone stressing their importance, yet, we’ve never really been taught anything about them. Up until now, it feels as though we’re supposed to just figure everything out on our own. At Finndon, we know the importance of finance, and above all, we know the importance of simplicity - we like to keep things simple. We’re all about educating you on your financial journey by simplifying the financial jargon. After all, we’ve got 99 problems, but money shouldn’t be one!

We dare to dare! 

If it isn’t daring it probably isn’t worth doing - here at Finndon, we celebrate being different. We might be a ‘financial institution’, but we certainly don’t act, talk or look like one. We stand tall for what we believe in and we aren’t afraid to colour outside the lines and completely ignore the status quo to do so. Rest assured, we’re here to change the game and disrupt the financial industry as we know it. 

Keepin’ it real

We know that in a world where there is much distrust in the media, it is integrity and honesty which cuts through. We value and respect our customers, their privacy and everything else in between. This is why we’ll always keep it real because with transparency comes trust and with trust comes genuine human connections, which we hope to build between us and our customers. There’s no sneaky fine prints over here!

Pay it forward 

For us, giving comes in many forms, but arguably the greatest gift of all is education, empowerment and opportunities. We don’t just want to give in the form of donating profits, we want to embed this in how we operate all together, by donating our time to what we believe in, investing in the education of our community and creating opportunities in our business for up & comers. We’re all about that action and we’re rooting for our people every step of the way.

So now you know what we’re all about, join us on our waitlist & in our mission to level the financial playing field. We’re in the business of helping you. 

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